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41305 – Stainless Steel Rack 56 x 63 cm

H.324660 – Stainless Steel Insert for Baking Pans 50 x 50 cm

Maximum depth 40 mm

712028 – Stainless Steel Insert for 5 Baking Pans 50 x 50 cm

Maximum depth 65 mm

712017 – Stainless Steel Container for Cutlery and Utensils

15 x 15 cm

706128 – Stainless Steel Insert for Funnels and Piping Bags

67906 – Stainless Steel Insert for Gastronorm GN1/1 (53×32)

10 – 15 – 20 cm deep

67907 – Stainless Steel Insert for Gastronorm GN1/1 (53×32)

10 cm deep

67905 – Stainless Steel Container with Cover

53 x 59 x 25 cm


Specs Sheet

EW3103 Eurowash Utensil Washer

The utensil/pan washers with 56 x 63 cm rack, that are the ideal solution for effectively washing large utensils commonly used in hotels, supermarkets, bakeries and butchers. The machine is also equipped with an upper and lower 3 arm rotating spray.

The construction is sturdy to ensure long life, maximum resistance to stress, and reduce heat dispersion and noise thanks to integral double-skin side walls with split door, fully moulded tank and integral stainless-steel surface filters.

Ease of use is enhanced by the interface with colour LED screen and ELI soft-touch buttons offering intuitive use even for staff with limited training or frequent turnover.

Ease of cleaning is ensured by the construction of the wash chamber without pipes and sharp corners, the presence of integral stainless-steel filters and by the automatic self-clean and draining programs as standard.

Full options as standard with tank partial drain with pump, rinse aid and detergent dispensers and atmospheric boiler with rinse pump.

Wash cycles (seconds): 120 – 240 – 360 – 720

Standard equipment includes 1 x Stainless Steel rack

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