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Optional Accessories

JW-25B – Plate & Tray Rack 50 x 50 cm
25-Compartment plate & tray rack

JW-64B – Plate & Saucer Rack 50 x 50 cm

64-Compartment plate & saucer rack

JW-S – Open Cup Rack 50 x 50 cm

Open flat rack for cups & glasses

JW-C – Cutlery Rack 50 x 50 cm

Cutlery & utensils rack

JW-25P – Tray Rack 50 x 50 cm

Open end tray rack 5 row

JW-8B – Cutlery Basket

8-Compartment Cutlery Basket

Specs Sheet

EW3520 EUROWASH Rack Conveyor Dishwasher 260r/hr

EW3520 Eurowash Rack Conveyor Dishwasher 270 racks/hr


These machines are characterised by their compact external dimensions, thanks to the rinsing system being incorporated in the wash module. The user interface is the acclaimed LED ProSmart, which provides simple and intuitive control of machine functions to view the programs, temperatures, operating parameters,
self-diagnosis system messages. Another fundamental feature is the low water consumption, which in this machine is as low as 1,2 litres per rack. All models are equipped as standard with the auto timer and rinse economiser, as well as integral steel filters in the wash tank.

Eurowash EW3520 with a boiler pressurised by a dedicated pump and water supplied via a steel break tank. In this case, water consumption is always constant regardless of the mains supply pressure, thereby allowing the full potential of the washing system to be used.

High production and excellent results

Thanks to the new washing system with high power double outlet pump and arms with stabilised jet “caterpillar” type nozzles. Concentrated washing with “hydraulic brush” effect. Lateral guides for transport of the baskets that leave the central part completely free.

Flexibility of use

Thanks to the specialised washing programs with three different speeds of 100 – 200 – 270 r/hr and specific consumption. The large span of 45 cm allows tins, trays and cumbersome objects to be washed. The consumption adaptation systems mean that not only effectiveness but also washing efficiency are not changed when the programs vary.

Easy cleaning and ergonomics

Thanks to the inherently clean construction with fully moulded tanks, washing chamber without internal piping, removable separation curtains in hygienic material. Built-in tank filters and double safety filter on pump extraction.
The large counter-balanced doors with safety latch and the lateral basket guides allow total access to the tanks and the wash chamber for easy cleaning. Full double wall construction (with heat insulated doors) to reduce heat dispersion and noise.

A wide choice of optional accessories, tables and roller means that the machine can be adapted perfectly to any installation requirements.

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