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JW-25B – Plate & Tray Rack 50 x 50 cm
25-Compartment plate & tray rack



JW-64B – Plate & Saucer Rack 50 x 50 cm

64-Compartment plate & saucer rack



JW-S – Open Cup Rack 50 x 50 cm

Open flat rack for cups & glasses


JW-C – Cutlery Rack 50 x 50 cm

Cutlery & utensils rack


JW-25P – Tray Rack 50 x 50 cm

Open end tray rack 5 row


JW-8B – Cutlery Basket

8-Compartment Cutlery Basket





User Manual


442476 D CRP Rev02 01-05-2019 U UK

Copertina D CRP

EW800R Eurowash Pass-through Dishwasher with Heat Recovery

EW800R Eurowash Pass-through Dishwasher with Heat Recovery


Hood dishwasher with 50×50 cm rack and Heat recovery system double-skin construction with single-skin hood. The moulded tank is equipped with an integral filter made from composite material. The hood opens smoothly, with little effort from the operator. The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners and can accommodate Gastronorm and Euronorm trays.
Standard equipment includes peristaltic detergent and rinse aid dispensers, which can be adjusted from the control panel. The hood lifts smoothly and easily with no tight spots, thereby reducing operator fatigue. The hood opening of 46,5 cm is among the highest of products in this market segment.

NRG Heat Recovery System

To be combined with hood type dishwashers, extracts steam after rinsing and condenses this; the heat recovered increases inlet water temperature by 25 °C. Promotes a healthier working environment and also considerable energy saving through a 30% reduction in the heat gradient generated by the boiler rinse water. Use of this system also eliminates the need to install an external extraction hood. The entire process, which is fully automatic, lasts just 30 seconds.

User interface

Easy to use, reliable and complete, with three soft touch keys and a 4-character LED display. Carefully chosen graphic
symbols provide a clear indication of the dishwasher status and wash cycle progress at a glance.

In addition to the operating parameters, such as the temperature of the tank and boiler or the number of cycles completed, the indications provided by the automatic diagnosis system are also displayed.

It is possible to adjust the dosing of detergent and rinse aid, while our specialised technicians can modify all the operating parameters of the machine.

Standard equipment includes 1 x plate, 1 x universal rack and a cutlery basket.
ProClean Self-clean cycle is provided as standard.

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