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FIFO Bottle™ Dispensing Valve Caps 6 Pack


Customize FIFO Bottle™ to suit your sauces by selecting the right valve cap. The right valve cap helps to control the flow of sauce and ensure a clean, no-leak seal. Each cap is made from high-quality NSF certified materials and will fit any sized FIFO Bottle™.

Thin valve dispensing caps (Green) – Ideal for thin and fluid sauces for fine beads of sauce.
Medium valve dispensing caps (yellow) – Ideal for most sauces, including ketchup, mustard, BBQ and smooth sauces.
Thick valve dispensing caps (Blue) – Ideal for thick sauces, sauces with small particles and larger portion amounts, including mayonnaise, tartar sauce and thousand island dressing.
Viscous valve dispensing caps – ideal for sauces like honey, caramel and thick syrups. For optimal performance we strongly recommend only using the Viscous Valve Cap with 12oz and 16oz FIFO Bottle™.

Why is the Viscous Valve FIFO Bottle™ only sold in 12oz & 16oz sizes?

Using viscous substances in FIFO Bottle™ requires a greater amount of force to dispense the bottle’s contents. As a bottle’s contents are dispensed, the amount of air in the bottle increases; therefore the extent to which a bottle needs to be squeezed/compressed to dispense the contents also increases. This can become increasingly challenging in larger volume bottles as they are emptied. The greater volume of air often makes it difficult to compress the bottle with one hand. Sticking to a 12oz or 16oz FIFO Bottle when working with viscous substances will typically mitigate this problem and result in better performance.

For viscous substances consider using a product such as PORTION PAL™ or SAUCE GUN BOTTLE. These products use a plunger to scrape the sides of the bottle while pushing the contents down and out through the valve, resulting in better performance and higher yield.

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