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Prince Castle Dual Continuous Feed Toaster DCFT-BKM

Prince Castle Dual Continuous Feed Toaster DCFT-BKM


Prince Castle’s Dual Feed Continuous Feed Toaster provides perfect caramelisation by contact toasting.

DCFT-BKM is a new member of Prince Castle Dual Continuous Feed Toaster family. Generated DCFT family merits, DCFT-BKM provides operators with perfect bun caramelization with unique
stainless steel metal belt. Simplified design saves up to 30% less energy usage than competitor toasters; Equipped with separate bun compression controls for crown and heel, the toaster can toast variety of sizes
and types of buns without a decrease in performance or product quality. The fix speed toaster is capable of toasting up to 260 buns per hour.

Product Features
• Perfect, “fresh out of the oven” caramelization with fix speed toasting – up to 260 buns per hour.
• One sided compression control for simple operation.
• Five compression settings to accommodate various buns size.
• Adjustable thermostat provides precise toasting – up to 320°C.
• Durable stainless steel conveyors eliminate the need for replacement belts, reducing the overall cost of operation.
• Teflon sheet eliminates sticking and is easy to access and clean.
• Small footprint (25.25” x 8.5”) saves space and enables the DCFT-BKM to fit into various store designs/kitchen layouts.

Spec Sheet

PC Spec Sheet DCFT-BKM

Cleaning Guides

DCFT-BKM Belt monthly Cleaning Guide

DCFT-BKM Daily Cleaning

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