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EW393DP Passthrough Commercial Dishwasher with Drain Pump

Compelling benefits of the EW393DP Dishwasher:

  • Easy to remove wash/rinse arms and scrap trays for cleaning.
  • Patented anti-clogging wash arm design.
  • Supplied complete with and rinse aid pumps, a cup rack, plate rack and cutlery basket

Note: Accessories are not included in this price and may be purchased separately.

$5,750 excluding GST

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The compact footprint of the Eurowash EW393e, is a breakthrough in space-saving design. This powerful and efficient unit offers a 400mm high, wash chamber for pass-through operation, with the ability to squeeze into tight kitchens. Complete cleaning is super-fast with two speeds of wash cycles to quickly deal with every kind of kitchenware.

Larger plates, platters and GN containers are no problem for the EW393e.

Lifting the exclusive patented hood requires minimal effort at only three kilos, it is engineered to weigh less than a third of other designs.

Thanks to the advanced technology, the EW393e wash pump (double flow) delivers an amazing 380 litres of water per minute through the top and bottom rotating wash arms, to produce consistent, sparkling results . . . fast!

The user-friendly soft-touch control panel is positioned within easy reach and gives a choice of two different wash cycles to handle light and heavier loads. The EW393e uses smart technology to self-diagnose operation and will advise you of any problems encountered during a cycle.

Hygiene is a critical factor in food preparation and Thermostop technology ensures set temperatures are reached. To save you money, energy-saving settings are in-built to the EW393e to ensure higher efficiency and lower running costs. Water consumption is restricted to an amazingly low 2.9 litres per cycle, regardless of the total wash time. You will save on water, electricity, chemicals and money!

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